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Custom Brand & Showit Website Design | In The Kitchen With Jackie O

I’m thrilled to introduce In The Kitchen With Jackie O and her new custom brand design and Showit website!

Jackie is a talented cook and food blogger and needed a custom blog/website to showcase her delicious recipes, share her views and values about how cooking brings family and friends together, and so much more!

I couldn’t have been happier to partner with Jackie to bring her vision to life! Keep reading for her full custom brand and website reveal!

Custom Brand Design

Here’s what Jackie had to say about our time working together!

How did you feel about your brand/website before we started working together?

“Before working with Ashley, In the Kitchen with Jackie O was just an abstract idea fueled by cousins who loved my cooking and a thought of building something that represented my family’s history and culture. After my first meeting with Ashley, I knew that In the Kitchen with Jackie O had TONS of potential and she opened my eyes to so many possibilities for In the Kitchen with Jackie O. Our collaboration sessions and branding exercises truly made me dig deep to understand what my brand stood for and the meaning behind starting In the Kitchen with Jackie O. Without Ashley’s branding and Showit expertise, In the Kitchen with Jackie O would still be a concept.”

How do you feel about your brand/website now that your project is complete?

I absolutely LOVE my branding and my website now that my project is complete. I have already started thinking of new expansion ideas that will require Ashley’s expertise in the near future.”

How would you describe your experience working with me?

Working with Ashley was one of the best experiences I have had to date! Ashley was very patient and worked diligently with me to make sure my branding and website was exactly what I envisioned.”

What do you love most about your new branding/website?

I absolutely love that I am able to showcase all of my recipes in one place and am in love with the color palette that we chose! The branding and website truly embodies and conveys the meaning behind In the Kitchen with Jackie O. I love that it is warm and inviting, but is still professional looking.”

How has your new visual branding/website impacted the way you do business?

It has impacted the way that I do business in a positive way. Companies have reached out to me for my services and insight and it has allowed me to make even more connections!”

Have you experienced any positive reactions since revealing your new brand/website? For example, an increase in bookings, the ability to raise your prices, etc.

After launching my site, companies have reached out to collaborate and I received nothing but positive feedback from my family, friends, and followers. Having a professional presence has been a game changer and is allowing me to think of new and innovative ways to expand In the Kitchen with Jackie O.”

What would you say to a friend who was on the fence about investing in my branding and web design services?

I have told a few friends and followers who have inquired about branding and web design services to reach out to Ashley for assistance. If I never reached out to Ashley to create my branding and web site, In the Kitchen with Jackie O would most likely still just be a concept. Ashley made In the Kitchen with Jackie O a reality and the time that it would have taken me to create my branding and website on my own, I wouldn’t have had the time to explore other avenues to grow In the Kitchen with Jackie O.”

Why did you ultimately choose to hire me?

I researched a lot of web designers that offered both branding and web design and Ashley’s online presence is what made me reach out for a consultation. I loved the neutral palettes and themes used throughout her web design and branding. I noticed that all of her clients branding and web sites were individualized, unique and simply exquisite. After my first phone call with Ashley after I had reached out to inquire about her services, I knew that she would be phenomenal to work with.”

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