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Custom Brand Design and Showit Template Customization | Tales of Romance Atelier

I’m thrilled to announce the custom brand launch of Tales of Romance Atelier! Sonya is the incredibly talented wedding photographer behind Tales of Romance.

Endlessly romantic, elegant, classic, and elevated are the pillars that drove the design strategy for Sonya’s new brand. Tales of Romance Atelier now reflects the timeless storytelling aesthetic Sonya is known for.

Keep reading for the full brand reveal, a glimpse of Sonya’s gorgeous refreshed Showit website, and what Sonya had to say about our time working together!

Custom Brand Design

Here’s what Sonya had to say about our time working together!

How did you feel about your brand/website before we started working together?

“My brand wasn’t hitting the mark and not attracting the right kinds of clients for my business. There seemed to be a mismatch with the style of my photography and the branding.

How do you feel about your brand/website now that your project is complete?:

“I LOVE my new branding and my updated website – even my friends love it! The new branding, the colours, the font, everything…makes my work stand out in all the best ways and the feedback I have received is it has created a more elevated look/feel.

How would you describe your experience working with me?:

“So, so easy and seamless! Such quick turnaround times and you were always so helpful!

What do you love most about your new branding/website?:

“The colours and the bespoke feel of my logos/taglines/submarks, etc. It’s one of a kind and fits with everything I’m dreaming up for my business.

How has your new visual branding/website impacted the way you do business?:

“I feel like I can now charge more for my services and will attract higher-end clients instead of DIY brides.

Have you experienced any positive reactions since revealing your new brand/website? For example, an increase in bookings, the ability to raise your prices, etc.:

“Definitely the ability to raise my prices and initial feedback from my friends has been extremely positive.

What would you say to a friend who was on the fence about investing in my branding and web design services?

“JUST DO IT! Ashley is amazing at what she does, she truly listens and gets DEEP into your why, your vision and your ideal client to create a beautiful, one of a kind brand that will elevate and take your business to the next level.”

“Why did you ultimately choose to hire me?”

“Your work stood out amongst others and I felt like I could trust you with the creative vision for my business.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ashley! Working with you has been amazing and I’m so glad that I took the leap and trusted you with the branding for my business. I loved every piece that you created for me and I felt you truly understood my why, my vision, and who my ideal client is. The branding and the website refresh looks incredible and I have no doubt that it’s raised the value of my business.

Make 2020 the year you craft the brand you’ve been dreaming of!

Having a recognizable brand across all platforms is so important when connecting and establishing trust with your target audience.

If you’re dreaming of elevating your business with a cohesive brand identity that connects you to your dream clients, I’d love to chat with you about making that a reality!

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