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Custom Brand and Showit Web Design | Taralynn Lawton Photographer

I’m thrilled to introduce Taralynn Lawton’s new custom brand design and Showit website. Taralynn is an amazingly talented photographer located in Atlanta, Georgia.

We worked together closely over the past few months to dive deep into the heart of her brand, what motivates her as a photographer, her brand’s core values, and the why behind her business.

After completing our detailed brand strategy worksheets and uncovering the meaningful pillars behind her brand, we then started the design phase and worked together to create a new online home for her phenomenal portfolio, as well as a full custom brand that is centered around a refined, modern, understated, and romantic aesthetic.

Keep reading to see the whole reveal and what Taralynn had to say about our time working together!

Custom Brand Design

Here’s what Taralynn had to say about our time working together!

How did you feel about your brand/website before we started working together?:

“I started working with Ashley, I felt very inconsistent and unfocused in my brand and website. I often got compliments on my website, but I honestly was really not happy with it at all. It was just a template, not customized or unique to me at all, and I hadn’t taken the time to keep it updated with new work. It didn’t feel like it was a reflection of the caliber of work I wanted to exhibit, or of the types of clients I wanted to attract. I felt a little lost in my brand identity overall as well, also not taking the time to really define my style in words or examine my personal motivators for being a wedding photographer. After several years in the industry, I was feeling stagnant and like I was just going through the motions.”

How do you feel about your brand/website now that your project is complete?:

“I am so in love and confident with my brand after working with Ashley! From my brand messaging to the visual design choices and printed collateral, everything is so perfectly cohesive and feels like a genuine reflection of my personal voice and aesthetics.”

How would you describe your experience working with me?:

“Ashley went above and beyond in every way and exceeded my highest expectations! As I started to really hone in on my brand’s voice and visuals, my vision for the project changed a few times during the course of working together, and Ashely never missed a beat. She was so patient and responsive to my revisions and really made me feel taken care of. When we needed to work with third parties like illustrators and stationers, she took care of all of the correspondence and booking, which was such a breath of fresh air and a load off of my shoulders while I focused on my fine-tuning other aspects like my brand messaging, website copy, and image curation!”

“When it came time to focus on the messaging and copy, I felt so prepared after having completed Ashley’s worksheet about the “Why” behind my brand. She had me complete that before we ever started any design work and it was a genuinely eye-opening and transformative exercise. It was a really critical component that started putting all the pieces together for me and is one of the experiences I’m most grateful for out of the entire journey!”

What do you love most about your new branding/website?:

“If I had to pick one thing I love most about my new brand, it would probably be my logo! Ashley knocked it out of the park with this one. My long name is not easy to work with but she made it look effortless and exude the refined elegance that I was going for. It’s the perfect blend of contemporary and timeless and speaks directly to my personal aesthetic of “minimal with a little bit of flare.”

How has your new visual branding/website impacted the way you do business?:

“It’s still new, but it’s given me the confidence to raise my prices and stand firm behind the quality of my work. Moving forward, I think my new brand will help me continue to distinguish my name and set me apart from the crowd, focus in on my niche and target market, build a strong reputation with my peers, and keep me inspired to constantly work toward elevating my business and client experience.”

Have you experienced any positive reactions since revealing your new brand/website? For example, an increase in bookings, the ability to raise your prices, etc.:

“I have gotten so much incredible positive feedback from friends, peers, mentors, and past clients since the launch! It’s given me the confidence to raise my pricing and I very quickly started receiving inquiries from full-service planners for their client’s weddings, in some of my target markets! It’s all still very new, but I have a consultation this week and I have high hopes that the elevated brand will bring me more of my dream clients!”

What would you say to a friend who was on the fence about investing in my branding and web design services?:

“Investing in Ashley is 100% worth it! The branding and web-design services she offers are undertakings I could never have done on my own. If you’re in a place where you want your business to elevate to the next level and continue to thrive, outsourcing to expert professionals is key. Ashley took care of everything from start to finish for me, which freed me up to focus on everything else I have to manage throughout my day and spared me countless hours of trying to design a website myself. Beyond the time it saved me and her technical know-how, Ashley also has impeccable taste and an incredible eye for design. She knew exactly how to bring my vision to life which is worth its weight in gold!”

Why did you ultimately choose to hire me?:

“I was really drawn to Ashley’s aesthetic and impeccable taste in graphic and interior design. Her work is incredibly thoughtful and beautifully refined. I connected with it immediately and knew she would be a perfect fit for crafting my new brand!”

Make 2020 the year you craft the brand you’ve been dreaming of!

Having a recognizable brand across all platforms is so important when connecting and establishing trust with your target audience.

If you’re dreaming of elevating your business with a cohesive brand identity that connects you to your dream clients, I’d love to chat with you about making that a reality!

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