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Design Day Services

A day on our calendar is worth its weight in gold—and ideal for all of those design projects that have been sitting on your business back-burner for far too long. From creating custom PDFs to helping you get your Instagram grid prepped for success—browse some ideas for what you can do with a VIP Design Day below. Keep in mind—these are just samples. If you have something in mind that isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to ask.

-Updates or additions to your Showit site

-Creation of an Instagram links landing page

-Adding additional a-la-carte pages to your Showit website: client guides, vendor guides, pricing page, timeline template, etc.

Website Maintenience

-Instagram Stories templates

-Instagram post templates

-Pinterest templates

-Inspirational quote graphics

-Mockup images to promote services or products

Social Media Graphics & Mockups

-Custom PDF design for: digital products, freebie opt-ins, investment guides, welcome packets, etc.

-Mockup images to promote PDFs on social media, website, and opt-ins

PDF & Collateral Designs

Start by filling out the form below. We’ll then confirm your date on our calendar and send over a project proposal and invoice. (If the date you chose isn’t available, we’ll send you plenty of other options via email.) Once everything is confirmed and signed, your Design Day will be reserved in our calendar.

How do I book a Design Day?

The sooner, the better! If you have a new project or product launch coming up that you’re planning on using a Design Day for, we recommend booking as far in advance as possible—as we take on only a limited number of day-rate projects each month.

How far in advance can I book?

After we confirm what projects you would like to work on, we’ll put together a Project Priority List that allows you to decide what items are most important and should be worked on first. We’ll complete tasks based on the order of importance you choose. If we’re not able to get to everything on the list, you have the option of adding on an additional half or full day.

What happens if you can’t get my project completed within the timeframe?

Once we confirm what projects you would like to focus on, we’ll estimate how long everything will take to help you determine whether a half day or full day would be best.

How do I know if I’ll need a half or full day?

Logos, branding, and website design are not available for Design Days. Due to the amount of time, planning, and forethought we put into these services, they cannot be completed to the standards we hold ourselves to within a few days’ time. If you're in need of a refreshed brand or a hard-working website, head to our services page to learn more about our all-encompassing offerings.

Can I book Design Days for logos, branding, or website design?

We will provide you a schedule outline in advance so you know what's happening and when. We block off a half hour at the beginning and end of your Design Day for previews and any needed revisions— we’ll let you know in advance when those time slots are. If you're not available for communication on your Design Day, we will schedule previews/approvals for another time that fits both our schedules.

What will my Design Day look like? Do I need to be available that day?

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The details of our Day Rate offering

All projects are custom quoted depending on your business needs and the project scope. We'd love to chat about your goals and custom quote your project!

What's the investment for Design Days?

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