A Gift Just For You

REFERRAL program

Hi friend! I want to let you know about a referral program I have because I would love to serve other dream clients like yourself! 

We have set up a brand and web design referral program to help promote our custom design services. If you refer someone to Ashley Ferreira Design, and it results in a booked design project, you will receive a 15% referral credit applied to your account, or 10% in cash! It’s that simple. It's my thanks to you because I really appreciate you.

So let’s go over this again, real quick!

You refer me a branding and/or web design client. Let’s say that they sign up for the $6,200 package. Then you can either get $620 cash or a $930 credit towards your own project.

You can save up referral money so you can get your own branding materials or website. Here’s a list of my services and packages! Or you can pocket it and spend it wherever you please. The choice is yours!

Anyone who comes my way and mentions your name and if they're a good fit and they book my services, then it counts as a referral! Just be sure to let your referral know to mention your name in order to receive your credit or cash! 

What counts as a referral?

Nope! You can continue to save and build them, they don't expire. I'll send you an email for your credit after the referral is given so you can keep it until you're ready to use it! 

Do credits ever expire?

Fill out the form above and let me know who you're referring. Either they can contact me using my contact page, or I can contact them directly. 

How do I get started?

Whatever you feel comfortable with! Below is an (optional) swipe script you can use. Feel free to edit as you see fit. "Hi name! I wanted to send a brand/web designer your way in case you might be interested in her services, now or in the future. Here's her website where you can contact her: www.ashleyferreiradesign.com. I think you guys might make a great fit! If you do decide to book a service with her, I would appreciate it so much if you could mention my name as who referred you! Thank you!"

What should I say when I reach out to potential referrals?

As many as you would like, there's no limit. Send me as many as you can and continue to earn more!

How many referrals can I send your way?

Absolutely not! This referral system is open and available to anyone (including other designers who need to outsource or don't work with Showit sites!)

Do I have to be a current or past client?

Frequently Asked Questions

some questions you may have

You can either continue to save your credits until it is enough, or you can pay the remaining amount. Treat your credit like a gift card on a purchase that is more than the gift card balance.

What if my credit doesn't cover the service I want?

You will get paid within 7 business days of the referral paying their final deposit. 

How soon will I get paid?

Please do not hesitate to reach out at ashleyferreiradesign@gmail.com.

Have more questions?