Copywriting acts as an important sales tool for your business. It helps sell your services without sounding "salesy." Essentially, it acts as an active salesperson when users visit your website, even while you sleep (or catch up on emails!). A comprehensive, effective website (one that gets clients to book a consult without you so much as lifting a finger) requires a number of different things—even the prettiest photographs and dreamiest web design can’t do all of the heavy lifting on their own; they need the backing of purposeful, powerful words in order to create the all-encompassing experience today’s savvy consumers are expecting. 

Continue reading below for our top 5 reasons why we highly recommend working with a copywriter and find our list of trusted copywriter referrals you can partner with to help in writing strategic web copy you'll be more than proud to share on your website.

Website Copywriting

Why Professional Website Copywriting Matters

Five Reasons why Hiring a Website Copywriter is an Essential Investment for Your Business

01. Develop your natural brand voice—one that sells, but won't sound salesy.

Copywriting will help you sound like your best self. A question we hear frequently is, “If I hire someone else to write for me, will it still sound like my voice, or will it sound cheesy and salesy?” With the right copywriter on your side (we have a list of a few favorites)—the words on your website won’t at all sound salesy but, rather, warm, welcoming, and like an elevated version of your best self.

Copywriters are professionally trained to write in a way that sells your services without sounding like an obnoxious salesperson. Most have intake forms they use to collect info about how you would like your brand voice and messaging to feel and sound, what words and phrases you love (and which ones you don't care for), as well as detailed information about your business and ideal client. This allows them to address the main messages you want to communicate to your clients in a natural, effortless way.

02. Leave it to the pros and get back to your zone of genius.

Website copywriting is so much different than normal writing. When you're not trained or educated specifically in website copywriting—even if you're a great writer in general—clients often end up finding the process difficult, overwhelming, and time-consuming.

While you may end up writing words for your website that sound great—that doesn’t mean they’ll sell effectively. Plus, writing your own copy means you’ll also miss out on opportunities to ensure your website is found and served to potential clients via search engines—as SEO is a huge part of a professional copywriter’s job.

03. Connect with your dream clients and create an exceptional experience for them.

Copywriting greatly enhances your client's overall experience with your brand and website. Professional copywriting presents your unique brand voice and messaging in a way that draws your user in, guides your user to where you want them to go throughout your site (this creates an effortless, seamless process that eventually leads them to click on that all important “book” or “contact” button), addresses your user's pain points, and highlights the exact ways you and your services can alleviate those pain points. In other words, great copywriting instills confidence in your visitor—turning them from a curious lead into an eager, ready-to-book client.

04. Copywriting ensures your website is not only strategic, but beautiful too.

Copywriting provides your website designer with the ideal amount of content to build a strategic, beautiful, and captivating website. Copywriters know the ideal amount of wording needed for various website pages—and they have an in-depth understanding of all the different sections a strategic website needs in order to function at its best.

Another situation we often see when clients opt to write their own copy is that it ends up being either too much wording or not enough. Copy is one of the most important aspects of a well-designed website. If there's too much, your users can become overwhelmed, which can lead to them clicking away from your site (it can also create a website that looks busy and feels overwhelming to your user). If there's too little copy, the website can end up looking too sparse with not enough content to fill out the design or speak to Google (the amount of words on each page play a role in whether your website shows up in results when potential clients search for your services using a search engine like Google).

05. Get found on Google with SEO-focused website copywriting.

Copywriting will help you get found via Google! A professional copywriter will know how to include important SEO search terms specifically for your business all throughout your website in an organic, natural way—making it much easier for potential clients to find your website through search engines.

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